request to recognize

Yogasana as Sports &

Inclusion in Khelo India Games

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Yogasana is a Basic Physical, Mental & Mass practice taught from the School level & already included in All India School Games, All India Inter-Univerisity Games, National Yoga Olympiad, All India Police Games, CBSE, KVS, and State Games.

Lack of Ministry of Sports recognition to YOGASANA as Sports makes it difficult for Yogasana Champions at the National level to avail benefits as par to Other Sports National Champions. 

Once Yogasana will be recognized with Sports status., the National Champions will easily avail benefits at par to other Sports Champions.

Benefits of Getting Ministry of Sports Recognition :

  1. EDUCATION: Avail Admission in School & Colleges under Sports Quota System,

  2. GOVERNMENT JOB: Job Availability as par to Other Sports Quota in Government sectors (e.g. Railways, Income Tax, Police, Army, Post, etc)

  3. EMPLOYMENT: Appointment of Yogasana Coaches in Schools & Colleges will increase Job employment opportunities,

  4. HEALTH & WELLNESS: The practice of Yogasana among school goings kids will be increased and it will ultimately lead to active, healthy, and disciplined citizens.

  5. INDIAN SPORTS: Korea gifted Taekwondo, China gifted Karate, USA got Basketball, ................ and So India Gifted Yogasana to the World Sports. 

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